Behind The Scenes

Throughout the course of their musical union, the members of PAR~A~DIGM sometimes recognized online as (Paradigmrocks, par-a-digm, par a digm), is a famous rock band of four brothers from Las Vegas, Nevada that was named one of the "17 Bands and Artists Who Is Making Christian Music More Popular." PAR~A~DIGM have won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life. Performing at a variety of venues and making countless public appearances all the while recording new song versions, this talented Rock Band has earned the admiration and affection of critics and fans alike. Get in touch to learn more about their musical expertise, repertoire, and performance rates. PAR~A~DIGM have established themselves as one of the real positive leaders of the U.S. Rock Circuit today and has been known to leave audiences in a state of euphoria and awe with their melodic vocals, thunderous drums and guitar section.

Their incredible upbeat attitude and positive energy combine to make them one of the most sought-after performers today, each member of the band contributes their influences into the music they write, this creates a range of songs in every genre from pop, rock, and hip-hop and is influence by Skillet, Nickelback, Shinedown and Breaking Benjamin.

 “We are grateful for the longevity and support of our fans, as we share our lives and experience with you. We hope to build on this relationship and achieve greater things together soon," said Reggie.

PAR~A~DIGM released 2 Full CDs, "Paralyzed" (2009) and “Only One” (2011) , two Eps “COLD” (2011),Alive (2008)  and five singles “September Fades” (2012), “Firework” (2014), “Never The Less” (2014) “Cover Song” (2015) and  “All I Have” (2015) and their newly released Album “Price of Loyalty” (2017)



Lead Singer & Guitar

Reggie Fobbs- the (lead singer, songwriter, composer, engineer, and co-founder) of PAR~A~DIGM. Reggie was born with a golden treble clef in his ear, Okay, that’s a laugh, but the success of the album “Only One” would have just about anyone convinced. Reggie’s found interest in rock in his early adolescent years but was told by friends that he shouldn’t pursue rock and should look at a different writing style. However, he had a mission, and with his determination, he began to compose music.  In his early teen years, he studied to be a music engineer, model, and actor. Reggie’s with his catchy, melodic vocals, main influences come from some of his favorite artists such as Breaking Benjamin, Skillet, DC Talk and Shinedown.


Lead Guitar & Vocals

Allen Fobbs- is the (Lead guitarist and vocalist and co-founder) with his aggressive riffs, dueling leads, and the occasional scream.  His ability to change up confidently between a hard rock guitar player to a serious rapper all in the same performance is something not seen too often in today’s music industry. He does it almost effortlessly it seems and “makes it look good,” states Reggie.  Before joining the band he carried on his studies in modeling and theater, he took side jobs in film and photography, winning competitions and film festivals with his profession suave and appeal.


Drums & Percussions

Robert Fobbs (drums, percussions) before he joined the band he sang in a church choir and a quartet formed with his three siblings. Early on he would watch his father a church band member play various instruments in the set such as the bass guitar, drums, and piano. This inevitably inspired him to take up playing drums. At age eight, he started drumming away to his favorite bands /artist like the Winans and DC Talk. In 2004 he played in many drum competitions held at Guitar Center and Musicians Friend’s placing second and third where his full potential as a drummer was discovered. Robert worked as a drum tech for one of the best drummers; he had met, Darrell “Footz” Woolfolk. Robert joins the band in 2008 as a drummer playing extremely energized and alternative pop/rock beats.


Keyboard & Sampler

Andre Fobbs (Keyboard/ samples, programming, backing) before joining the band, Andre was studying piano, recording engineer and computer programming and Networking in college (in English, a life-size wiz). He contributes to the group with his technical sound skills and talent, keeping the sound together. Andre was not of much words and political rhetoric, but his work speaks for itself. Andre was in the field maintaining network systems when he got a call requesting his mad skills for the band. With his skills as a DJ, new-age style synth lines, and rave-worthy electronic beats he adds various dramatic effects while accompanied on the keyboard.